Become a RealWealth® Certified Agent

Are you a real estate agent with an interest in helping people build a portfolio of income-producing real estate? If so, consider becoming a RealWealth Certified Agent!

For nearly two decades, we’ve helped our members purchase investment properties in a handful of markets across the United States. Now, we are ready to expand into more markets. To do that, we’ll need more experts.

As a RealWealth Certified Agent, you’ll have access to a wealth of educational resources that will help you become an even more knowledgeable resource. Whether clients are wanting to buy their first home with an FHA loan, work on a fixer-upper, or acquire more rental property, you will be the stand-out agent in your area who knows how to find properties that build long-term wealth.

Simply click the orange “Get Started” button below, go through our 12-module program, and pass the quiz after each module topic. Then, join eXp under Kathy Fettke to enjoy the tremendous benefits of eXp, including their revenue share and very competitive agent/ brokerage split!

RealWealth Certified Agent Seal

Why Become a Certified RealWealth Agent

  • Join a network of over 52,000 members who have acquired over $1 Billion in real estate assets
  • Receive training and education from expert investors in how to identify and sell investment properties
  • Take advantage of cutting edge technology for analyzing the right investment opportunities
  • Become featured on, which gets over 3 million visitors annually, at no cost
  • Get referred members who are looking to invest in your metro (current teams get ~20 referrals per month)

How To Become a Certified RealWealth Agent

  • Must be, or be willing to become, a licensed real estate agent located in the United States **
  • Be passionate about helping people purchase a primary residence and/or investment property
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the real estate investment space
  • Study the educational resources provided, which you’ll receive via email after completing your application
  • Pass each of the quizzes in the 12-module RealWealth Certified Agent program with a score of 80% or higher
  • Once you complete all 12 modules and join eXp, you will be listed on our website as a RealWealth Certified Agent in your metro area. Any member who wishes to invest in that area will see your contact information and may reach out to discuss opportunities.

What’s the Cost?

  • Certification will be free until December 31, 2021

Ready To Get Started?

Click the orange button below to start your certification! Once your initial form is submitted, we’ll ask you to confirm your email address and then we’ll send you a link to access the RealWealth Certified Agent Course. 

Course Modules:

  • Modules 1-3: Retire Rich with Rentals (12 Topics, 12 Quizzes)
  • Module 4: 7 Steps for Real Estate Investors (3 Topics, 3 Quizzes)
  • Module 5: 1031 Exchange (3 Topics, 3 Quizzes)
  • Module 6: Proformas (1 Topic, 1 Quiz)
  • Module 7: Property Management (1 Topic, 1 Quiz)
  • Module 8: SDIRAs & 401(k)s (1 Topic, 1 Quiz)
  • Module 9: DIY vs Ready Rentals (1 Topic, 1 Quiz)
  • Module 10: New Construction vs Existing (1 Topic, 1 Quiz)
  • Module 11: Managing Risk (1 Topic, 1 Quiz)
  • Module 12: Setting Expectations (1 Topic, 1 Quiz)

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Ben Erik Smith at [email protected].

** If You Are Not Currently an Agent

  • You will need to get your license in your state
  • Once you have your license, but BEFORE you have signed up with any brokerage, return to this page and complete your application
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