Real Estate News for Investors Podcast

Real Estate News for Investors Podcast hosted by Kathy Fettke

About the Real Estate News Podcast

Worried about market crashes that can take all your money down with them? 

Want to know about markets where you can build wealth practically overnight? 

Need to stay up-to-date on new laws, regulations, and economic events that affect real estate? 

If you answered yes… the Real Estate News for Investors podcast with Kathy Fettke is for you. After all, it is the premiere source for savvy real estate investors who want the edge.

Topics Include:

  • Market trends
  • Economic analysis that affects housing prices
  • Updates on the best rental markets for investing in single-family rentals or multi-unit rentals
  • Turnkey housing standards
  • The fate of the highly revered 1031 exchange and other tax law affecting investors
  • Self-directed IRA investing and 401k changes
  • Where rents and property values are rising or falling
  • Flipping risks
  • New Dodd-Frank rules regarding private lending and financing standards
  • Areas with job losses vs job growth
  • Areas that are overbuilt or over-supplied versus areas with low supply and high demand
  • How to avoid real estate scams.
  • And more!
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