2019-2020 Housing Market Overview

Pittsburgh Real Estate Market 2020

On this page you'll learn about the Pittsburgh, PA real estate market for 2019 and 2020.

Pittsburgh Real Estate Market Overview

Metro population:
2.3 M
Median household income:
Unemployment rate:
Median home price*:
Median monthly rent*:
Pittsburgh Real Estate Market Trends & Statistics 2018-2019
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Interested in investing in the Pittsburgh real estate market in 2019 or 2020? On this page you’ll learn about the housing market forecast, trends and statistics to help you make that decision.

Please Note: This page is current as of January 2019. While most of the data points presented on this page won’t have changed considerably in the last year, we always want to make sure our content is as current and accurate as we possibly can. This page will be officially updated for 2020 by early January, so check back to get the latest updates!

If you’d like to be notified when this page is fully update for 2020, please send an email to KathyFettke@realwealthnetwork.com with the subject line “Pittsburgh Market Update 2020” and we’ll make sure to notify you! 🙂

About Pittsburgh

With a population of over 2.4 million in seven counties, the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Statistical Area is the 22nd largest city in the nation. The “Burgh” is known as “The City of Bridges” for its 446 bridges, and “The Steel City” for its former steel manufacturing base.

For decades, Pittsburgh was a city on the brink of collapse but recently it has made a huge comeback into the national spotlight. Why? Many are calling it the “Pittsburgh Renaissance.” Neighborhoods are being transformed almost overnight. Luxury boutique hotels are popping up all over the place, which is pretty cool according to Forbes. New office space is being built as well and filled by massive tech companies like Apple and Uber, and so much more!

According to visitpittsburgh.com, “Pittsburgh is proud to rank among the top places to live, work, and visit in the United States. Our city is consistently recognized with accolades from major travel and financial organizations as one of the most livable cities with one of the most viable economies. We have been honored as a first-rate city for livability, culture, and economy for several years.”

Also, in February 2018 UPMC announced their plans to invest $200M in immunology center in Pittsburgh. County officials are stating this will make Pittsburgh a “magnet for the best and brightest scientists who will want to come here.” This is a promising sign that the number of employment opportunities in Pittsburgh will continue to rise in coming years. This will attract more people to move to the Pittsburgh area – more people that will need a place to live.

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Major Employers in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Housing Market News

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