2020 Housing Market Overview

Huntsville Real Estate Market 2020

On this page you'll learn about the Huntsville, AL real estate market for 2020.

Huntsville Real Estate Market Overview

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Huntsville Real Estate Market Trends & Statistics 2020
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Interested in investing in the Huntsville real estate market in 2020? On this page you’ll learn about housing market trends and statistics to help you make that decision.

About Huntsville

The fourth-largest city in Alabama, Huntsville is just a 90-mile drive on the I-65 heading north from Birmingham. Founded in 1811, Huntsville is known for its rich Southern heritage and a legacy of space missions. Huntsville actually earned the nickname “The Rocket City” during the 1960s when the Saturn V rocket was developed at Marshall Space Flight Center, which later made it possible for Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to walk on the moon.

Today, Huntsville is one of the most well known cities in the Southeast part of the country. USA Today touted Huntsville as “one of the top communities leading the economic recovery,” while Money magazine named it “one of the nation’s most affordable cities.”

Huntsville is well known for its technology, space, and defense industries. The top employer is the military with over 31,000 jobs at Redstone Arsenal. NASA Marshall Space Flight Center is the next largest employer. The city is also home to several Fortune 500 companies, which provide a broad base of manufacturing, retail, and service industries to the area.

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Major Employers in Huntsville

Huntsville Housing Market News

  • "#4 in Lowest Cost of Living " - Business Insider
  • "#10 Best City to Buy a House" - Niche
  • "Things to do in Huntsville" - huntsville.org
  • "#23 Best Place To Rent" - WalletHub, July 2018
  • "#7 Best Place To Live" - U.S. News, April 2018
  • "#2 Up & Coming Tech Hotspots" - Livability, September 2018
  • "#1 of The Best Places to Live in America’s New Tech Hubs" - Trulia, February 2018

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