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2017 Market Overview

Cape Coral, Florida

Learn about today's real estate investment opportunity & explore available properties.
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Quick Facts

Imagine owning a beautiful vacation property in what is known as the “Boaters Paradise” of Florida, in the #1 City for growth in tourism and hospitality according to Money Magazine 2015!

These properties can be rented as vacation homes, each with a pool and a boat dock. Be your own guest in your vacation home!  The returns can be much better than a traditional annual rental.

Invest with a proven team that RWN has worked with for years, but in a new and exciting market with a completely different type of product – great for diversification for your real estate portfolio!

We also have a second option in Cape Coral from a different affiliate. These are your more traditional annual rentals, but they are brand new construction built on in-fill lots (as opposed to a big development) in existing neighborhoods.

So, two exciting options in one new and growing area!

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