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Podcast Episode #539
The Real Wealth Show

Why A Medical Doctor Switched to Real Estate

Learn > Why Real Estate? > [RWS #539] Why A Medical Doctor Switched to Real Estate?

Published: December 29th, 2016

Podcast Description

Becoming a doctor is no small thing. Just getting into med school is a feat in itself, but graduating and then interning turns it into a work-load marathon.

Why then did Buck Joffrey spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and over 12 years of his life to become a doctor, only to switch careers and become a real estate investor?

You’ll find out how he went from being broke to having an 8 figure net worth. He now helps other high paid professionals by educating them on his Wealth Formula.

Buck knows the old mantra of “investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds,” is outdated and dangerous for high paid professionals given the volatility and instability of the current global economy. Therefore, he advocates entrepreneurship and/or investing in hard assets that provide a cash flow as a more reliable way of approaching personal finance. Through a strong foundation of financial education and emphasis on cash flow investing, Buck teaches professionals how to take charge of their money and prosper.


Kathy Fettke

Kathy Fettke

Kathy Fettke is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Real Wealth Network. She is passionate about researching and then sharing the most important information about real estate, market cycles and the economy. Author of the #1 best-seller, Retire Rich with Rentals, Kathy is a frequent guest expert on such media as CNN, CNBC, Fox News, NPR and CBS MarketWatch.

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