[Webinar] New Member Orientation: How Can We Help YOU Create More Passive Income from Real Estate?

Are you a “stock market refugee?” New to real estate? If so, welcome! You are not alone.

We recognize that the learning process can be overwhelming for our new members, which is why we hosted this New Member Orientation webinar.

During this webinar replay video, we will help simplify the process of real estate investing by explaining:

  • The specific steps needed to get started
  • How to create your ideal investment strategy based on your goals
  • Resources at RealWealth that help you sift through the many options
  • Important things to avoid

You’ll also learn about:

  • How we identify the best markets for investing
  • Our checklist for vetting the best teams in those markets
  • How we set the new standard for R.E.A.L. Turnkey Property
  • Who will manage your properties when they are out of state?
  • Why being a part of the Network can help protect you
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We help you create passive income & ongoing cash flow… so you can live life on your own terms.

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Real estate investing,


  • Generate Passive Income
  • Preserve Your Wealth
  • Become Job Optional
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