[Webinar] Last Chance to Invest in our Reno Development!

The Reno market is absolutely booming, due to massive job growth with tech giants Tesla, Amazon, Apple, and Switch. 50,000 jobs are expected over the next decade, and housing is desperately needed. However, finding buildable lots is next to impossible.

RealWealth is so fortunate to have teamed up with 40-year veteran Bay Area developer, Fred Bates, to acquire 170 fully entitled lots with permits in place, just 10 miles from Reno. Reservations for these homes are already pouring in.

Find out how RealWealth investors can earn 12.5% as private lenders secured in 1st position at a very low LTV, or how you can dramatically increase your ROI by becoming an equity investor, earning 15% preferred return plus 30% of the back end profit.

On this week’s exciting webinar, you’ll get an update on the project and some new information on the hot Reno market.

Please note: this offering is for accredited investors only. Accredited is defined by the S.E.C. as earning $200,000 as an individual or $300,000 as a married couple, OR having a $1 million net worth (excluding your home equity, but does include equity in investment property.)

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