[RWS #704] Why a Successful Swedish Business Owner Became a U.S. Real Estate Investor

Picture of the Swedish Flag for Real Wealth Show Podcast Episode #704

A few years ago, I went on one of RealWealth’s real estate tours to look at rental property in Detroit. And on that trip, I was surprised to meet a man who had flown all the way in from Sweden to join us!

We have members from all over the world, but meeting a visitor from Sweden was a first for me. After I started talking to Magnus, I realized he was not just on the tour to see a few properties. He was building a full U.S. real estate portfolio.  

Several years later I saw him at another Real Wealth event and wanted to see how he was doing. He told me he’d learned a lot on his journey — like the importance of not buying in flood zones, how to do a smooth 1031 exchange and why it’s so important to screen tenants carefully. 

He’s planning on joining us at our next event in Cleveland on August 10th, when all 15 property providers from around the country will be joining us. You can get the details here:

Upcoming Live Events

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