[RWS #627] Investor Panel 3 – Strategies of 2 Real Wealth Investors Who are Now Retired on their Rentals!

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Picture of Palm Trees for Real Wealth Show Podcast Episode #627

We’re hosting a podcastathon here on the Real Wealth Show, playing excerpts from our live real wealth investor panel event.

On this episode, you’ll find out how Walt started investing in real-estate in 2010 and how he has dramatically increased his cash flow and boosted his retirement. He’ll share how he did his due diligence which gave him the confidence to buy 11 properties last year! All on borrowed money.

And you’ll also hear how a Real Wealth couple created enough cash flow from their purchases over the past few years to build a retirement income that wasn’t there. Find out how they were able to purchase 10 houses that will be fully paid off in 12 years. This couple wanted to be hands off so they could enjoy retirement. Find out how they let the properties pay for themselves and how their strategy evolved once they kept buying more & more properties.

The initial strategy was retirement for Danelle. As their cash flow increased, they realized one of them didn’t have to work anymore and that’s when they shifted their strategy. If they paid off all the loans, they’d lose their tax write offs – so, they used the cash flow to buy more properties instead of paying off the loans.

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