[RWS #522] Self-Directed Investors BEWARE! Tax Changes Coming with Clinton or Trump

Self-Directed Investors BEWARE! Tax Changes Coming with Clinton or Trump

We have a major election coming up, and we need to be talking about much more than just who will be our future president.

A US senator is proposing to abolish self-directed IRA’s! Self-directed investors need to understand the plans of every candidate and how it will affect us.

On today’s show, I’ve invited investor, John Hyre, to help shed some light on the future of taxes and how that might affect us as real estate investors.

John is an attorney, accountant & real estate investor – a triple threat as we call him. For the first seven years of his career, he worked at two large accounting firms and as Tax Counsel for a Fortune 500 Company. For the last 13 years John has run both an accounting practice and tax law practice, working extensively with small businesses, real estate investors of all sizes, note investors and self-directed retirement accounts.

Find out:

– How to protect our rights as self-directed investos
– Tax implications if Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump take office
– Best options for today
– How to prepare for a major downturn in the market

www.RealWealthShow.com for details on John Hyre’s upcoming event Nov 12-13 in San Mateo, CA

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