[RWS #607] Self Directed Investor Tips For Winning the IRA Game

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There are over $26 Trillion held in US retirement funds today. $8 Trillion of that is in IRAs and $7 Trillion in 401(k)s. That’s a whole lot of money and most of it is invested in Wall Street.

The 2nd largest generation today, the baby boomers, are finally able to tap into those funds as 10,000 people are reaching retirement age every day. I don’t know about you, but I’d be a little uncomfortable with my entire future dependent on the stock market. It certainly has had a tumultuous past.

It’s also interesting that if so many people are retiring and now pulling money OUT of their IRA’s, how might that affect those investments?

Many people are still surprised to find they can invest their IRA and 401K funds outside of Wall Street’s roller coaster, and put money into alternative assets like real estate. And, if you don’t have the money in your own IRA, you can borrow it from other’s who are looking for a safer investment in hard assets.

Here with me today is a woman with more than 20 years of experience in mortgage banking, real estate and property management. In the midst of the recession, she founded uDirect Services in Irvine, California, to help people get more creative with their investing. Kaaren Hall, welcome back to the Real Wealth Show…

Thank you for joining me here on the Real Wealth Show. If you’d like to see that webinar on UBIT taxes, go to realwealthnetwork.com and join – it’s free. Then you’ll have access to that and all of our past and future webinars.

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