[RWS #633] Is Retail Real Estate Dead? Or Just Morphing?

Picture of a store sign for Real Wealth Show Podcast Episode #633

With the growth of Amazon and other on-line retails, what can we expect in the future for good old brick and mortar stores? We already know Toys R Us has imploded, leaving many vacant stores across the country.

The health of local retail centers and malls are important for the home values and to inject life and vitality into communities. Similarly, the buying patterns of local residents will affect the health of local retail real estate.

Is retail dead, or is there a different kind of opportunity for real estate investors today?

My guest today is the President & Founder of SageBerry Consulting, LLC in Dallas, Texas.

Steven Dennis doesn’t believe in the “retail apocalypse” that so many investors fear today. He says the changes we’re seeing today in the retail space are more like the “death of boring retail.” He says there are plenty of physical stores being opened — high-end and value-end stores. It’s the ones in the middle that are dying off.

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