[RWS #769] Rental Market: Some Good News for Real Estate Investors

Rental Market: Some Good News for Real Estate Investors, Real Wealth Show Podcast Episode #769

How would you like a little good news on real estate today? Goodness knows we’re inundated with plenty of bad news these days. And it’s not surprising. We’re navigating through a very unusual situation right now. And the “unknown” is generating a lot of fear and creating a lot of questions about when we’ll bounce back economically, and how the COVID-19 bug will change the way we do business and lead our personal lives.

As real estate investors, we must also be prepared for changes in the housing industry and the lives of our tenants. Will the economy recover quickly? Will the housing market hold up? Will the jobs come back? What will tenants want and need in a work-from-home world? What about single-family rentals, Airbnb, and housing for students and seniors?

There are a lot of moving parts, but our guest today joins me with years of experience in real estate and business strategy. Rick Sharga is the founder of consulting firm CJ Patrick. He’s also had high-profile positions at Auction.com, RealtyTrac, Ten-X, and Carrington Mortgage Holdings, and is frequently quoted by major media outlets. Today, he’ll share some valuable insights on how this pandemic will likely play out, and it’s not all bad news. Rick sees light at the end of the tunnel. Welcome, Rick.

If you’d like to see which metros we think will recover the quickest, visit www.RealWealthShow.com and click on the “Invest” tab. There you’ll find detailed market data along with a list of rental property providers and property management companies highly rated by our members.

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