[RWS #751] Real Estate: Separating Facts from Fiction on Social Media

Real Estate: Separating Facts from Fiction on Social Media, Real Wealth Show Podcast Episode #751

Social media has become a hotbed for real estate investors who want to promote themselves and their deals. Facebook feeds are filled with posts by people who appear to know everything. But, just because they are good at marketing does not mean they are good at investing. 

It’s important to separate facts from fiction when it comes to real estate professionals, and who you can trust with your money.

Today’s guest is a real estate investor who is sick and tired of seeing people boast on Facebook when, in reality, they don’t have the experience to back it up. And, in some cases, they are flat out breaking SEC law.

Tim Bratz knows how to spot the storytellers because he really does have the experience you need to do that. He’s focused on multi-family deals right now, but he also has a background in the wholesaling of rehabs, single-family rentals, and turnkey properties.

Tim founded Legacy Wealth Holdings in 2009, which currently owns more than 3,700 rental units in nine states. So he has something real to boast about! He is with me today to talk about who you can trust and who you can’t in real estate. He’ll also share his formula for success. I’m excited to welcome Tim to the Real Wealth Show.

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