[RWS #750] Real Estate: Recovering from the Great Recession (and Preparing for the Next)

Real Estate: Recovering from the Great Recession (and Preparing for the Next), Real Wealth Show Podcast Episode #750

Real estate can be a gold mine if you dig in the right places and you don’t get caught off-guard by something like the Great Recession. Many people didn’t see that coming and lost everything. However, some people did see it coming, and positioned themselves properly for it. How did they do it?

Today’s guest was one of those people who didn’t see it coming and got hit hard. He was ready to exit real estate forever, and didn’t even want to have a mortgage on his primary residence. Thinking that the stock market could provide a good investing alternative, he started listening to investment podcasts to educate himself and stumbled on The Real Wealth Show. He avoided it for a while because it was real estate related, but once he started listening, he says he realized “real estate stands head and shoulders above any other kind of investment.” He’s now well on his way to the gold mine he hoped to find more than 10 years ago now that he’s armed with information on how to buy the right properties in the right areas. I’m delighted to welcome David Prevo onto the show to share his story…

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