[RWS #693] *NEW* Opportunity Zone Regulations Explained

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The long-awaited Opportunity Zone Regulations were released on Wednesday, April 17th,  2019! But unless you’re a seasoned tax attorney, you might not totally understand what’s written in those 169 pages.

But fret not! Our guest today will help us decipher this secret language of the IRS. Clint Coons is an attorney, real estate investor and Manager of Anderson Business Advisors and Law Group. He helps investors and business owners with very high level asset protection and business planning services.

He recorded another webinar for us to better explain this new tax incentive, which you can find on our website at www.RealWealthShow.com. Just log in to the the Investor Portal, and click on Opportunity Zones to see the link to Clint’s Webinar, “Setting Up Your Opportunity Zone Fund“.

And he’s here with us today on the Real Wealth Show.

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