[RWS #519] *NEW* Financing Options for Real Estate Investors!

Podcast Description

Is it getting easier to get a loan, or more complicated?

During this episode Kathy Fettke interviews Graham W. Parham of Highlands Residential Mortgage LTD. Graham been a Mortgage Loan Officer for over 19 years and he says it’s loosening up a bit. And that new loan programs are making it easier for real estate investors to acquire cash flow properties.

On this show, find out:

  1. New lending guidelines that lower the investor down payment on multiple loans
  2. New reserve requirements from Fannie Mae that includes business funds
  3. How to transfer title to your LLC, in spite of the “due on sale” clause
  4. Why low credit scores and low loan amount can come back to haunt you when using conventional financing
  5. Important but overlooked details when doing a 1031 Tax Exchange
  6. How to qualify for more than one property at a time

As an active investor himself, Graham has a strong insight on what his investment buyers are looking for to accomplish their short and long term goals. He and his team also know that investment loans are strongly scrutinized, so his team of underwriters understand what needs to happen on the application.

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