[RWS #598] Miracle Story: 1st Home is a 5-Star Resort!

picture of beach for The Real Wealth Show Podcast Episode #598

Ever dreamed of running a retreat center in an exotic location? Or moving to an area that’s way out of your price range but fits your lifestyle perfectly. Maybe you’ve had a vision so clear and beautiful that it takes your breath away, but you have no idea how it could be possible?

If so you are going to love today’s interview.

Our guests today have gone from a stinky, dirty apartment in the SF East Bay to owners of a magnificent 5 star resort in Costa Rica, just next to RealWealth’s retreat center. In fact, they were the ones who brought that deal to us, but then decided it wasn’t quite the vision they had. They wanted something smaller that they could control.

If YOU have a story you’d like to share, please send it to kathyfettke@realwealthnetwork.com

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