[RWS #639] More Loan Options in Single Family Asset Class

PIcture of calculator and money for Real Wealth Show Podcast Episode #639

With rental demand on the rise, more and more people are looking to get into the rental business.

But investors can only get up to 10 conventional loans through Fannie or Freddie – unless they are married and able to qualify separately. Then you can possibly get up to 20 conventional loans as a couple. These truly are the best loans out there today for investors. You can still get around a 5% interest rate locked in for 30 years, when we know interest rates are rising.

But, if you are maxed out and want to continue building your portfolio, you have to get creative.

Some companies sprouted up over the years to meet that demand, but many have not been successful. That could be changing though.

Our guest today has over 30-years of experience in the loan business. Jeff Tennyson was President at Clayton Holdings, CEO of B2R Finance, and served as CEO of EquiFirst, a wholesale mortgage provider, during his 12-year tenure at the company. Today he is CEO of Lima Capital.

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