[Live Event] How To Protect Your Real Estate Assets & Your Real Wealth

Part 1: Legal Challenges

Every real estate investor is aware that investing can be risky, both in terms of personal wealth and the your investments. The key to avoiding risk is to understand it and develop a plan. In this video, you’ll learn about legal trends that may put your investments at risk.

Part 2: Risk Analyzer

Creating an asset protection plan begins with understanding what you have, what may put it at risk, and how it can be protected. In this video, we’ll show you how to properly analyze your real estate assets, identify areas where you may be at risk, and how to protect against them.

Part 3: Reducing Risk

Privacy protection is a smoke screen and does nothing to protect you in a lawsuit. Protection is derived from selecting the appropriate entity with 2 levels of protection. In this section, you will learn the following:
• Inside and outside protections and which entities provide one, both or none
• The differences between state laws when it comes to asset protection
• Where to set up your LLC for maximum protection

Part 4: Why Real Estate Investors Love this Tool

Land trusts are the most used but least understood tool real estate investors have in their investing toolbox. If properly used, the land trust can solve many issues with transferring and owning property. In this section, you will learn:
• Which state recognize the use of land trusts
• Privacy benefits of using a trust to own real estate
• How a land trust trumps a lender’s “due on sale” clause
• Avoiding transfer taxes with a land trust

Part 5: The Importance of Estate Planning

Structuring the passing of your real estate is imperative to preserving the wealth you are building. In this section, you will learn how a living trust is a foundation of all planning and the provisions you incorporate today can have a meaningful benefit for years to come.

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