[RWS #686] Join Me in Paradise!

Picture of trees and beach and sea for Real Wealth Show Podcast Episode #686

I just bought my ticket to San Jose Costa Rica for March 28th – April 1st. I’ll be touring our eco resort with some of our Real Wealth members. And there is still room on the tour, if you’re interested in a last minute trip to Paradise!

If you’re looking for diversification, this may be a great way to learn more about investing outside the U.S. We know we’re at the top of an economic expansion in the U.S. and we also know the national, corporate and consumer debt are at all time highs. This will play out at some point. So why not take just a small amount of your portfolio and invest it out of the country,
especially when the returns could be in the double digits?

So here’s a little bit about the project:

We partnered with an experienced NYC developer to acquire 800 lush acres of land just about 20 minutes from one of the fastest growing cities in Costa Rica – where a new international airport is expected to be built. In the meantime, there is actually an airstrip on our land, which we’ll be flying into by charter from the San Jose airport.

The vision of Rise Costa Rica is to create a unique spa/retreat center, to build a community of ex-pats looking for a more peaceful, relaxed, healthy way of life and to grow organic food for the community and for export.

The land has already been entitled for a resort community, and a highly successful spa developer is on board. We are also working with one of the leading green architects in the United States who is known for developing Net Zero buildings. Phase 1 of this project has already wrapped up and we are moving on to Phase 2 to develop the residences.

Go to our tour page for more info

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