[Live Event] How To Be a Focused & Effective Investor in 2018

The Focused Investor — How to Make the Most of 2018 

The most successful investors are focused investors.  In this video (recorded at our January 2018 live event) Rich Fettke will share the process he’s been teaching RealWealth members for the last 12 years.

During this program you will:

  • Get inspiring clarity on your long term vision, goals and plans
  • Learn a simple and powerful 4 step process for taking effective action
  • Gain big ideas on how have better health, wealth and happiness in 2018
  • Learn new systems and technology for helping you organize and track your investments, goals and on-going progress

Rich’s program will be a hands on experience where you will actually start the new year with a written, clearly defined plan.

Click on the image below to download Rich’s worksheet:

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