[RWS #752] Housing Market: John Burns Talks 2020 Real Estate

Housing Market: John Burns Talks 2020 Real Estate, Real Wealth Show Podcast Episode #752

What will the new year bring for the housing market and real estate investors? Who will be buying and who will be renting? What changes will we see for single-family rentals and the build-to-rent market? What can investors expect from the economy in the coming year?

Today’s guest is real estate consultant John Burns. John and his team offer research and market analysis for building industry executives and their investors. They help clients make informed decisions based on homebuyer and renter demands. John is the co-founder and CEO of John Burns Real Estate Consulting and co-author of “Big Shifts Ahead: Demographic Clarity for Businesses.” He has a B.A. in economics from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA.

If you’re interested in participating in John Burns Real Estate Consulting’s Single Family Rental or Investor Survey, send an email to dbachman@realestateconsulting.com. They will email the survey results to you and as a bonus will send you some demand supply and risk metrics. Your participation will help them be smart about the housing market. 

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