[RWS #714] Real Estate Investing: From Housing Crisis Losses to Success with Single-Family Rentals

Picture of a House for Real Wealth Show Podcast Episode #714

What were you doing during the 2008 financial meltdown?

Perhaps you weren’t invested in real estate so you weren’t affected. Or maybe you got started buying real estate right after the crash and took advantage of record low home prices due to all the foreclosures. Or maybe you got hit hard like millions of Americans, handing the keys to your property back to the bank. Either way, it’s important that we don’t forget what happened just 10 years ago. 

Just like me, today’s guest was in mortgage lending during the financial crisis. She had helped her family invest in homes in her own name and when they couldn’t pay during the crisis she was hit really hard, and just like me, she learned some tough lessons.

But after the crisis she became a realtor because she knew how to do short sales and she became very successful at that.  During this time she was helping her relatives Craig and Arlene Turner invest in a duplex in Stockton, and they told her to listen to the Real Wealth Show.

Now, she’s been investing her realtor income through RealWealth for the past four years and has learned a lot of lessons but considers it all a blessing. So let’s find out the ups and down of her journey.

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