[RWS #681] Defining “Turnkey” Rental Property

Picture of red door with letterbox for Real Wealth Show Podcast Episode #681

What’s it like to work with Real Wealth Network? We hear from our Columbus, Ohio, Property Team in this podcast about his experience with our network, our employees, our members, and our best practices. He pulls back the curtain on the process of finding and rehabbing properties, making them “rent ready” for investors, and how the team effort can benefit everyone involved. Listen for his “fish bowl” analogy on the kind of business environment and relationships we like to create!

If you are an investor looking for fully renovated, cash-flowing rental property, join the network at www.realwealthnetwork.com for more information on the best markets and the best teams in those markets.

If you are a turnkey rental provider and would like to work with the Real Wealth Network, please email tim@realwealthnetwork.com.

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