[RWS #758] COVID-19: Being an Early Adopter is Vital in Today’s Changing Economy

COVID-19: Being an Early Adopter is Vital in Today's Changing Economy,Real Wealth Show Podcast Episode #758

Today’s guest works in a much-needed but highly-challenged industry — residential assisted living homes. He was very early to see the impact the coronavirus could have on his business and the economy in general — even when most people, including world leaders, called it a hoax or a bad flu.

Where did he find the information he needed to make critical business decisions when so many others couldn’t see it, and fought hard against the bad news?

Loe Hornbuckle was making good money running a car dealership, but was not fulfilled. He started to learn about real estate investing as a business, and eventually chose residential assisted living as his asset class of choice. He is now CEO and founder of Sage Oak Assisted Living and Memory Care, which he calls “the boutique assisted living company,” with 5 locations in Dallas and a total of 40 beds.

He has two developments in TX and Louisiana, totaling 300 beds and an estimated value of $45M. I’ve personally been very impressed with how quickly he learned about this pandemic, and has helped many others understand the implications — if they’re willing to listen.

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