[RWS #699] Asking the Right Questions Before Buying

picture of paper pinned on clothes line for Real Wealth Show Podcast Episode #699

Our guest today spent a lot of time helping other real estate investors get rich. She is a home renovation designer. One day she realized that she was a large reason why properties were selling for higher prices and owners were making a killing, but she was only getting her hourly rate. And that hourly rate was not going to help her and her husband retire in time. So she found a solution.

George and Sue realized that being the owner of property was the way they could accelerate the growth of their retirement plans, so they started looking into how they could do it. They began to search the country for the best areas for investing in flips. But then they heard me talk about buy & hold investments on another podcast – and realized that with their busy schedule, this might be a better way.

They were nervous because they had owned property in the past, but with poor property management. So before buying anything else, they had a whole lot of questions. And these questions, I thought, would be really helpful to our audience.

Sue and George, welcome!

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