[RWS #652] How to Get $10,000/Mo Passive Income

Picture of Green Mountains for Real Wealth Show Podcast Episode #652

How would you like to have $10,000 extra per month – money you don’t really have to work for. It just gets wired into your bank account every month.

Yes, this is the definition of passive income. Today’s guest is going to show us how he and his wife have accomplished this feat, in a fairly short amount of time.

Anton Ivanov is originally from Moscow, Russia, but lives in San Diego now. Just 5 years after serving in the US Navy, he and is wife were able to acquire 35 rental units that generate $10k+ in monthly cash flow.

Now there’s nothing fancy about this story. They didn’t do any creative financing, or door knocking. They didn’t sign up for bootcamps or flip houses. And they are on track to reach their goal of 50 units by age 35, and then retire at that time.

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