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Featured Image for Webinar - What Insurance Do I Need For My Rental Property

Insurance Basics for Real Estate Investors

On today’s webinar, we’ll be joined by an insurance expert who will cover the basics of insurance for real estate investors. Join us to find out whether you’re adequately covered and what you need to know before buying your next investment property.

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Featured Image for Webinar - Are We Headed For a Foreclosure Crisis

Are We Headed For a Foreclosure Crisis?

Although the housing market was one of the clear economic winners this year, high unemployment means millions of Americans are struggling to make their mortgage payments. Does this mean we should anticipate a foreclosure crisis similar to 2008?

Kathy Fettke, our Co-CEO, and Rick Sharga, Executive Vice President of RealtyTrac, tackle this important issue (and many more!) on our last webinar of the year 2020.

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