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Featured Image for Article - 8 Reasons to Invest in SFRs in the Suburbs Right Now [COVID-19 Guide]

8 Reasons to Invest in SFRs in the Suburbs Right Now

In this article, learn the top 8 reasons to invest in SFRs in the suburbs during and after COVID-19. Also find out why demand for single family homes remains high, even amidst the pandemic, as people move out of highly populated cities and into the open spaces of suburbia.

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Featured Image for Article - 35 Best Real Estate Blogs For 2021

35 of the Best Real Estate Blogs for the Year 2021

In this article, learn all about the 35 best real estate blogs for investors, agents, news, data, trends and more. No matter what part of the real estate industry you’re interested or involved in, find out how these reliable, consistent, and information driven blogs could help you become an expert.

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What is a Lease Option in Real Estate?

This video answers the questions: what is a lease option in real estate and when would you want to use a lease option. Not only is the definition of a lease option in real estate discussed, but also the difference between a lease option and a lease purchase.

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