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Kathy Fettke, the Co-CEO of RealWealth has two award winning podcasts – The Real Wealth Show and the Real Estate News for Investors Podcast. Listen to both of them here. You can also read the related articles and transcriptions.

Could This Impact the Election?,Real Estate News for Investors Podcast Episode #970 Header

[REN #970] Could This Impact the Election?

Home buyers searching for affordable markets may be changing the political landscape. A new analysis shows that blue state home buyers are searching for new homes in red states, and how that may have an impact on the presidential election.

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Getting Started in Real Estate, Real Wealth Show Podcast Episode #800 Header

[RWS #800] Getting Started in Real Estate

How one young tech professional launched a real estate rental business in just 30 days, all because of a work assignment. He says getting started doesn’t have to be difficult — the more you learn, the faster you go.

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