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How To Build Wealth By Investing in Rental Properties

How To Build Wealth by Investing in Rental Properties

Curious to know how to build wealth by investing in rental properties? Learn how in this comprehensive investor guide, which is based on chapter 2 of the best selling book Retire Rich with Rentals by Kathy Fettke. Here’s what you’ll learn: Part 1 – 3 Steps To Get Into the Wealth Building Mindset; Part 2 – 6 Wealth Building Strategies for Beginning Real Estate Investors; Part 3 – Why Building Wealth Through Cash Flow Real Estate Is a No Brainer. Read now!

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Featured Image for Article - The Power of Leverage in Real Estate and How to Use It

The Power of Leverage in Real Estate and How to Use It?

In this article, we will show you the power of leverage in real estate and how to use it to your advantage. Topics include the definition of leverage, financial leverage, leverage in real estate, the best conditions to use leverage in real estate, leveraging real estate investments with mortgages, and an example of why we love leverage.

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