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[CASE-STUDY] How Our Most Successful Members Timed the Market – Selling High and Buying Low for High Cash Flow

Thursday, April 28th, 12:00-1:00 PM PST

Back in 2006, we aggressively encouraged our members to SELL, SELL, SELL! We knew California was in a bubble and it was time to get out before it popped.

The best real estate market at the time was Dallas, Texas, where home values were 26% undervalued. Jobs and salaries were increasing faster than home prices.

Our members who sold their high priced, low cash flow California properties were able to exchange them for brand new Dallas properties in the best areas. They could postpone the capital gains tax through the IRS Code Section 1031, while quadrupling their cash flow. These wise investors have since watched their properties in Dallas double in value.

The same opportunity exists today, because the Bay Area feels an awful like 2006. In fact, home prices are well above 2006 levels, which we KNOW was a bubble. Have salaries increased at the same pace?

On this webinar, we’ll profile what some of our members are doing to time the markets perfectly. While Texas has become expensive today, there are other markets that have the same dynamics that Dallas had in 2006. You won’t want to miss this highly inspirational webinar, hosted by Real Wealth Network Co-CEO, Kathy Fettke.

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