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Which Part of Florida is BOOMING?

Thursday, September 3rd, 12:00-1:00 PM PST


Central Florida has been slower to rebound than South Florida, but it’s picking up speed.

Home prices are up 8% from last year, and inventory levels are down. Rents are also up 8% this year, with vacancies down to 3.5%. Building permits are up 20% from last year, and Orlando’s home construction rate is growing at twice the nation’s average.

If you were hoping to find an area that is not even midway through its recovery and where home prices are still half of what they were in 2006, Orlando is your town. But like other boom markets, it won’t last long.

Orlando is still ranked the #1 tourist destination in the country with about 52 million visitors every year. And while resorts and hotels dominate job growth, health care is becoming the fastest growing industry for the Orlando/Tampa area. The area is also home to many educational centers, including the 2nd largest University in the country: the University of Central Florida.

On this webinar, you will find out where you can acquire brand new single family home rentals and multi-family property at highly discounted prices in both Orlando and Tampa.

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