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For a Limited Time – Get Cash Flow AND Equity Growth in the Nation’s 3rd Largest City!

Thursday, March 26th, 12:00-1:00 PM PST


Home prices in 35 out of 100 US markets have already bounced back past 2006 bubble prices. So if you were hoping to find cash flowing properties in Atlanta, Austin, or Charlotte with the hope of some future appreciation, it will be tough. Those markets have peaked and cash flows have diminished.

But you haven’t missed the boat entirely! The housing recovery is delayed in some markets simply due to government interference. While foreclosures in trust deed states have already been worked through for the most part, there’s still a backlog in judicial states. In those areas, foreclosures have to go through the court system and there simply aren’t enough judges to handle it.

That means you still have the opportunity to own property for less than it’s really worth, rent it for far more than your mortgage payment, and enjoy monthly cash flow while waiting for prices to adjust upwards once the foreclosures pipeline is all sold.

And what better market to do this in than America’s 3rd largest city?

Chicago serves as headquarters to 30 Fortune 500 Companies and 11 Fortune Global 500 firms, has one of the world’s busiest airport and has it’s own stock exchange. Find out how you can get single family homes in safe, middle class neighborhoods for under $150,000, that are fully renovated to like-new condition with excellent property management in place.

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