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Join us for this month’s live event to learn about one of our favorite tax-deferment strategies and to meet one of our favorite turn-key rental property providers.

You’ll get an update on rental demand, available properties, and potential cash flow and equity that can be made in one of the most affordable and profitable U.S. cities for investors: Houston, Texas.

You’ll also hear from one of our 1031 exchange experts about the benefits of using a 1031 exchange, how to take advantage of this powerful tax deferment strategy, and why now is the time to do so.

And finally, hear real 1031 exchange success stories from our members–people just like you who have successfully sold their high priced California property and exchanged them tax-deferred for high cash flow properties in the strongest US real estate markets.

Here’s the agenda:

An Update on the Houston Real Estate Market


One of our member’s favorite REAL turnkey income property providers will join us to give an update on where you can still get great deals in Houston.

Even though home prices are on the rise, this U.S. city is still one of the most affordable places to live today. This market has the 4th largest economy in the nation, at $449 billion annually, AND it’s recognized as the Energy Capital of the world.

In this lecture, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s not too late to invest in Houston
  • How jobs and wages continue to grow
  • Where properties can be found that have built-in equity and cashflow
  • Which areas have the strongest rental demand

Find out how you can own fully turn-key, cash flowing homes in Houston Texas, for $120,000 to $150,000, that rent for up-to $1600/month AND come with tens of thousands of dollars of built-in equity. You’ll soon learn why so many Real Wealth members choose this team for solid properties and a seamless 1031 exchange.

The 1031 Exchange: How To Use This Powerful Investment Strategy & Why Now?

Internal Revenue Code 1031 offers real estate investors a powerful tool called a 1031 exchange. What is a 1031 exchange exactly? It allows real estate investors to defer paying capital gains taxes on their investment property by exchanging it for another like-kind property.

In this lecture, one of our preferred 1031 exchange companies will show us:

  • When and when NOT to use a 1031 Exchange
  • The four basic guidelines that keep you compliant with the IRS
  • The four types of 1031 exchanges, and the pros / cons of each
  • Tax reform, and the future of the 1031 exchange

Learn how to take advantage of this powerful tax deferment strategy before it’s too late…

1031 Exchange Success Stories – Q&A Panel

Many real estate investors think that 2016 is the optimal time to exchange properties in expensive markets for cash-flow properties across the country.

Find out why. Hear from the real experts–people just like you who have had amazing success by doing a 1031 exchange.

You’ll learn how they dramatically increased their monthly passive income by selling high priced, low cash flow properties in California and exchanged them tax-deferred for low-priced, high cash flow properties in the strongest emerging markets.

We are the anti-gurus

So many real estate groups try to sell you boot camps and outdated products you won’t use and don’t need.

Instead, we want to help you invest your money in savvy real estate investments that pay you monthly cash flow dividends.

We know you’re busy. That’s why we simplify the process for you by sharing our due diligence on the best U.S. markets, and offer our contacts in those markets who can provide you with “done-for-you-rental-property.”

Our events are educational only. We pride ourselves on being experts on market timing and the next hottest emerging real estate markets. There are never any high-pressure back of the room sales.

Simply come learn, relax, and leave your wallet at home. You will also meet other Real Wealth Network members who are now able to retire early through cash flowing real estate.

Please note: In order to protect our members, we do not allow solicitors at our events.

Real Wealth Network, LLC is an educational company and is not acting as a real estate broker. Always seek the services of licensed third party appraisers and inspectors to verify the value and condition of any property you intend to purchase. Never send funds directly to a seller but instead, use the services of professional title and escrow companies. Check in with Real Wealth Network before purchasing property to verify that affiliates and markets have not changed in quality or performance. Real Wealth Network does not provide legal, tax, accounting, or other professional advice. Nothing on this website email is intended to form a contract or binding legal commitment. All content herein is the copyright © 2016 of Real Wealth Network, LLC.

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