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Is Indianapolis Still Hot for Buy & Hold Real Estate?

Markets are constantly changing… Just because a market was hot last year doesn’t mean it will be again this year.

We’ve been bullish on Indianapolis as a great place to buy low, and rent high over the years… But has this market bubbled up like so many others across the country?

If you’re thinking about investing in property, or you want to add to your portfolio, don’t rely on last year’s news. Find out what’s happening today!

And who better to give us an insider’s perspective on the rental market than a local property manager?

In today’s show we’ll find out if:

  • there’s still strong rental demand in Indy
  • prices or rents have peaked
  • there’s still room for appreciation
  • hedge funds are still gobbling up as many deals as they can get
  • how properties fared during the record low temperatures

Our guest flipped properties up until the “mortgage meltdown” when suddenly he could not find buyers. Rather than keep the homes on the market, Clint decided to rent them out, and basically became a property manager overnight for his own deals.

Today he manages hundreds of single family homes not only for himself, but also for other investors. He also consults directly with and handles multiple banks entire inventories of REO homes by providing them with rehab services.

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