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3 Due Diligence Tips That Provide REAL Asset Protection

This month we are focusing on how to really cover your assets. Most people think an LLC is the most important step of asset protection. I beg to differ.

Asset protection should start WAY before you even purchase a property. No LLC or attorney can protect you from a BAD buying decision.

If you end up in a high crime area, your toilets could get stolen. And by the time you buy new ones, your AC unit will be gone. And once you buy a new one, your copper pipes are yanked. No LLC can protect you from thieves.

And if you buy in an area with no job diversification, you may find that you can’t rent or sell the property you just bought. An attorney can’t protect you from vacancy.

On today’s show, we’re going to go over the 5 most important items you MUST research BEFORE buying a property.

And who better to do that than someone who grew up in real estate, watched his father invest, and still has his great, great grandmother’s first investment property in the family. Plus he owns dozens of properties himself and helps many of our listeners build high cash flowing real estate portfolios.

Find out his:

  • Key factors when qualifying a neighborhood
  • Favorite data websites
  • Which neighborhoods to avoid and why

Let us know if you’d like his contact his company’s contact information or available investment properties.

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