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Is the sleepy town of Redding, California about to boom?

At Real Wealth Network, we are always looking for the next boom town. And towns tend to boom because of aggressive economic development.

In this show, Kathy interviews the mayor of Redding to find out steps the city has taken to become a leader in the California economy. The results may surprise you.

She also interviews the President of the Shasta County Economic Development to find out what kinds of businesses are moving to Northern California.

And lastly, Kathy interviews a local Shasta wine maker to find out why this area is ripe for tourism and how the city of Redding is about to break out as the go-to place for wine enthusiasts and travelers.

We’ll also find out why the Real Wealth Network’s latest syndication, the Shasta Wine Village, may become one a well-known wine destination for tourists worldwide.


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