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How to Earn Double Digit Returns in California!

How would you like to make double digit returns on investment property in California? That’s pretty tough to do with buy and hold rental property, but it is possible in other types of investments… like multifamily property.

You’ll find out on this episode of the Real Wealth Show.

As you know, Kathy Fettke and Real Wealth Network usually focus on the best US markets for acquiring cash flow rental properties. But some of our listeners prefer to stick with investments in California.

Unfortunately, you’re not going to find great cash flow on rental property in CA (well, you can cash flow, but it will likely be negative …).

So like other high priced markets, you have to take a different approach. And that different approach can be very high yielding if done right.

How do you get double digit returns in hot seller’s markets like California? Well, in seller’s markets, there’s limited inventory. So the way to profit is to provide more housing.

That’s what we did in our Dublin, California syndication – where we partnered with a highly experienced local developer to acquire a commercial property and re-entitle it to residential use. We then sold the lots to a national builder for $6M more than we expected! (That just closed yesterday.)

Now, those investors want to reinvest their profits and thankfully we found a new, similar project in Mountain View, brought to us by the same developer we’re working with in Tampa.

If you would like to learn more about this Mountain View apartment syndication, go to www.realwealthshow.com and join the network. It’s free. Then you will have access to our upcoming webinar where we can go much more in depth on the project.

Have a wonderful week everyone. Hope to see you on Saturday.

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