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Local Success Story: Mom Inherits House and Trades for Twenty!

How would you like to hear some success stories from our most active Real Wealth Network members? We have been very inspired recently by some of the amazing things people are doing and we think it would be of great value to share that with you on the Real Wealth Show!

If you’ve been a long time listener, then you know Kathy Fettke started The Real Wealth Show because she wanted to learn how to build wealth through real estate. She spent years interviewing successful people to learn their secrets and share with her audience.

Since then, Real Wealth Network has grown and our audience requested that we share information on the best U.S. markets are and where to find the best deals in those markets.

Now we think it’s time to go back to our foundation and start adding interviews from people inside our network who are doing incredible things.

We hope you enjoy this next series of RWN Success Stories, starting with:

Claudia from Napa Valley, who has had had an extraordinary 6 months. She is probably our greatest success story, growing her real estate portfolio from $900K to $2M and increasing her gross rental income from $2500/mo to $20,000/mo…. simply by exchanging one overpriced tear-down in San Francisco for 20 lovely homes nationwide!

Find out how she did it on the Real Wealth Show

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