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How to Buy, Renovate and Manage Over 3000 Rental Homes

(Inside the Mind of Michael Cook, Director of Asset Management at GTIS Partners)

How do you buy, renovate and manage over 3,000 rental homes in just a few years?

On this episode of the Real Wealth Show, Kathy Fettke interviews a NY fund manager to find out how they were able to successfully transition their portfolio into single family home rentals.

Michael Cook is the Director of Asset Management at GTIS Partners. Their assets include approximately 3,000 single family homes, residential land development, ground-up condo development, office and hotels.

Michael and Kathy met recently because they are both speaking on a panel together at the IMN Conference in Scottsdale next week, speaking on the topic of ‘Investing in Judicial States vs. Investing in Overvalued Markets.” That’s when they found out they are actually partners on a large development project in Tampa, FL!

On this show, Kathy will discuss GTIS’s plans moving forward, including:

• Which markets are back to pre-recession highs?
• Supply vs. demand factors
• How much distressed property is still left?
• Is there still opportunity?
• How has pricing and cap rates changed?
• Where do they find their properties now?

You can listen to this show at www.realwealthshow.com

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