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CASE STUDY: Mom Turns $100 Into $8000 Monthly Cash Flow in One Year

How do you turn $100 monthly cash flow into $8000 per month – in just one year?

In this episode of the Real Wealth Show, Kathy Fettke interviews a stay-at-home mom who did just that.

We love profiling the strategies and successes of our listeners, and this story is one of the most inspirational yet. Our guest today started investing in real estate just a few years ago when she and her husband bought 3 rental properties in the SF Bay Area.

This past year, Natasha and Steve exchanged those 3 properties for 24 high cash flow properties out of state, and their monthly cash flow went from $100/mo to $8000 per month.

This was a 1031 exchange involving lots of moving parts because the properties they sold were financed, which means they had to finance the 24 properties they were purchasing. Since Fannie and Freddie limit investors to 10 loans, they had to get creative.

Natasha and Steve now have a plan in place to increase that cash flow as they pay down the most expensive loan first. With $8000/mo cash flow now, they can pay that first loan off in 10 months or less!  With the increased cash flow, they would continue this domino effect until all 24 loans are paid off, at which point their monthly passive income would increase substantially.

Find out how they pulled off this complicated 1031 exchange, acquired the needed financing, and timed the market so well.

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