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For the past ten years, Real Wealth Network has been helping to simplify the world of real estate investing.  We’ve helped our members understand how to create passive income, and we’ve helped them get the right price, on the best investment properties, in the strongest markets.

Now, we’re happy and excited to bring you the Real Wealth Investor Academy. These are classes taught by real-world industry experts and successful investors who focus on keeping it simple while teaching what you really need to know.

The video lessons are all offered online, in bite-size, digestible modules. And since all the classes are recorded, you can go at your own pace and watch them again at anytime.

ALL income from our Academy is donated 100% to the charities we love via the Real Wealth Foundation. Learn more about this exciting change on Kathy’s blog post.

“Each on-line class will be taught by a real-world professional. No slick-talking sales people allowed!”
Kathy Fettke, CEO of Real Wealth Network

Real Wealth Investor Academy Members enjoy:

Free monthly property showcases

Free full day academy events offering expert investing advice and strategies

Unlimited access to online, in-depth, cutting edge classes

Free property tours

Direct access to our experts to get your specific real estate investment questions answered

All the benefits of regular Real Wealth Network Membership

What Our Academy Members Say

“You’re the best real estate resource I’ve ever found – and that’s just priceless to someone like me.”
Corky Sinclair, Novato, CA
“Kathy Fettke is a very good instructor and can explain complex [real estate] issues in a very clear and simple way.”
Patrick Lye, San Francisco, CA
“I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job educating us novices about real estate.”
Ed Walsh, San Francisco, CA
“I always learn something new that helps me manage my personal properties and I learn about other investment ideas.”
Chris Correia, Santa Clara, CA

Topics are divided into 6 categories:

The Fundamentals

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

The lessons in The Fundamentals category are meant to be just that — starting points for your ongoing education as a real estate investor.  Whether you’re a newbie, or an experienced investor, we feel these are solid concepts that everyone should understand before moving on to other lessons.


  • Understanding Real Estate Investor Jargon
  • Concept Review: Cash Flow vs. Appreciation
  • Keeping It Simple: How to Stay Sane & Effective as a Real Estate Investor
  • Calculating Your Net Worth (& how to build it)

Single-Family Rentals

Lessons in this category cover topics relating to passive real estate investing in single family rentals — focusing on buy and hold strategies — and covering topics from all stages of the purchasing process and on-going management of your asset.

  • Are We In a Housing Bubble?
  • Understanding A, B and C Neighborhoods
  • Title Insurance: What it is and What it Covers
  • 13 Insurance Myth for the Real Estate Investor
  • Lease Options: A Win-Win for Investors and Tenants

Bigger Deals

Lessons in this category cover slightly more advanced investor strategies including Syndication deals, Multi-Family rentals and Commercial properties.

  • The basics of Multi-Family Investing
  • Due diligence considerations for larger deals
  • Multi-Family Investing (2 – 4 Unit Buildings)
  • Introduction to Syndications
  • Things to consider when using your IRA to fund a syndication


Whether it’s figuring out how to utilize conventional financing for acquiring more properties or utilizing creative financing options like partial note selling to diversify your portfolio, you’ll find it in this category.

Money Growth


  • Financing your investment properties
  • Self-Directing Your IRA to Buy investment property
  • Vendor Financing your properties for stable cash flow
  • The Basics of Private money lending as an investment strategy
  • Understanding how to stay Dodd-Frank compliant

Tax Strategies

Savvy investors know that real estate investments offers tax benefits that you can’t get with other types of investments.  Don’t worry, we’ll be adding new modules with more about those benefits before April 15th!



  • The Incredible Tax Benefits of Owning Investment Property
  • 1031 Exchange: Advanced Strategies
  • Real Estate Professional Status: Do you really qualify?

Asset Protection

As you build your portfolio and increase your net worth, there is an increased need to understand how to protect it.  Lessons in this category cover the vital information you need to know about protecting your wealth and your assets.

Protect your money 3


  • Cover Your Assets! The Basics of Asset Protection
  • Understanding entities: LLC’s and Land trusts
  • Avoid the Courts! How to structure your portfolio so it’s unattractive for litigation
  • Your Living Trust: Avoiding Epic Estate Battles
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