Happy Investors Speak Up

“I became a Real Wealth Network member in 2008. Since then, I have purchased five properties, and plan to add more to my portfolio.

While one can select from numerous Real Estate organizations with a plethora of information, and sometimes gimmicks, I was struck by Kathy Fettke’s ethics, responsiveness, and genuine concern for the investor’s success.

RWN is the calm in the storm of credit questions, economic indicators and how one can successfully invest in an out-of-state market.

If you wish to maximize your leverage, use other people’s money, and work with the best, become a Real Wealth Network member, and create lifelong wealth.”

-Kathy Stewart, Safeway Executive
San Francisco Bay Area

“My investing process with RWN has gone very well. This was my first time purchasing investment real estate. Cathy Copeland was helpful in her advise on what might be a good plan to start investing and what to expect. Your affiliates have been easy to work with and have taken care of everything I need. Now all I do is wait for my monthly e-mails regarding my online property management statements and double check my bank accounts to confirm the cash flow. Thank you very much! I am now on the hunt for additional investment opportunities.”

-Ben Shatto
Meridian, Idaho

“Ron – Since our trip to the U.S. in April of 2010, where we had the opportunity to meet with you and Kathy, and then visit many states and check out the various property teams you have in place, we settled on making our first purchases in Memphis.

We have now purchased three properties, all of which are rented, and hope to settle on our fourth within the next few days. As we are in Australia, it is of the utmost importance to have confidence in the people we are dealing with in the States. With Real Wealth Network and your affiliate in Memphis (and their staff) we could not have been happier. The professionalism of all concerned has been outstanding.

We are grateful to you, Kathy, and everyone at Real Wealth Network for your assistance with this remarkable journey. Thank you very much.”

Graeme & Carol Fisher
York, Western Australia

“To Whom it May Concern:

I offered to provide this statement of appreciation to Kathy, Jessica and Ron of Real Wealth Network because they have helped me out with my experiences in the USA over the last two and a half months selflessly and without question.

I completed the March 2011 tour with four USA properties targeted for purchase by me. I come from conservative Adelaide, so it was no small thing for me to go through the process of setting up US bank accounts, building inspections, title insurance, checking contract conditions, obtaining insurance, seeking out property management, transferring funds overseas and closing on the purchases.

Whilst I did not seek help with every aspect from Real Wealth Network, there were at least five occasions where I sought assistance with contract conditions, building inspections and a personal family matter affecting my purchase. Every time I sought advice or assistance I promptly received emails back in a timely and factual manner. I did not know anybody in USA before my tour and the sheer fact that I knew Kathy, Jessica and Ron were there for help and support was so comforting to me.

The affiliates that Real Wealth Network have are fantastic and friendly people and I enjoyed all their company. Ultimately, the decision to purchase is yours and no one else’s and you must do your homework — but simple things like a break in communication, too quick a decision, or something not being explained clear enough can send the alarm bells ringing in your head saying “Oh my G… what have I done!” To have Kathy, Jessica and Ron there in the background was a huge reassurance to me.

I cannot recommend Real Wealth Network highly enough for assistance with USA property purchases and I have every intention of returning to the USA in the not too distant future.

By the way, all four of my USA houses are rented and cash flowing!”

Chris Turner
Adelaide Hills, South Australia